Exceptional Club

Do you have what it takes to be Exceptional? 

If we are to improve next football season, our football program needs improvement in the following areas:

1. Accountability
2. Investment
3. Competition

We will improve in these three areas by starting an accountability system NOW that asks for a substantial investment by our TEAM that fosters spirited competition in ALL facets of your development. Here is what we will accomplish this off-season if we have players who are accountable, invested and are willing to compete:

  1. We will become better athletes.
  2. We will promote multi-sport athletes.
  3. We will diminish the potential for nagging injuries.
  4. We will increase our chance of success in competition.
  5. We will develop young men of character with increased self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth.
  6. We will develop young men with an increased sense of humility.
  7. We will gain a deep appreciation for what hard work and sacrifice mean.
  8. We will develop goal setting and problem solving skills.
  9. We will develop bonds with our teammates and coaches.
  10. We will establish an increased sense of school pride, unity, and spirit.
  11. We will continue to develop our competitive spirit in sport, academics, and as citizens.

The Plan

*We train together as a program.
*Multi-sport athletes are encouraged to work out!!!
*Attendance is taken.
*The lessons you will learn and the relationships you will make will last a lifetime!

What seems like asking a lot is normal in the schools that WIN!

An Exceptional Golden Eagle

Wahlert Catholic Golden Eagles Football Off-Season Accountability System 

Each member of the Wahlert Catholic Golden Eagles football program will receive points for the following activities. We have adopted this program to create a culture of accountability, hard work, perseverance, and success. The level of points earned reflects all components of what it means to be an Exceptional Golden Eagle. The point system reflects each player’s level of commitment. Work ethic, diligence, and camaraderie will result in developing individuals who are dedicated to the TEAM.

Point System

  • 1,000 points available for returners – players could earn more than 1,000 points IF they go above and beyond in the weight room, classroom, service hours, etc.
  • 249 points available for newcomers – players could earn more than 249 points IF they go above and beyond in the weight room, service hours, etc.

How to Earn Points this Summer

  • Attend Strength & Conditioning Sessions – 1.5 points for completing strength session/1.5 points for completing conditioning session
  • Attend Summer Skills Sessions – 10 points per session
  • Begin & Finish baseball – 80 points
  • Bonus for attending 90% of Strength & Conditioning Sessions – 60 points
  • Attend Wahlert Catholic Football Camp – 5 points per day
  • Attend Wahlert Catholic Football Practice – 5 points per day
  • All medical and athletic department paperwork complete and submitted by July 25, 2016 – 15 points
  • Return handbook signature page by Monday, June 6, 2016 – 5 points
  • Attend a football camp – 10 points per camp session
  • Assist coaches with youth camp – 3 points per session
  • Assist with Flag Football Tournament on Saturday, July 30 – 5 points per hour

Important Notes

  • Returning players have 1,000 points available and newcomer players have 249 points available.
  • If any points are lost during the season, player will face additional disciplinary action in accordance with the Wahlert Catholic Golden Eagles Football Program Handbook.
  • Players can receive “bonus points” for going above and beyond expectations, based on coach discretion.
  • It is your responsibility to check in with the football coach who is supervising the weight room.
  • We ask that players attempt to attend the weight room three days a week and perform the prescribed workout. We will create an individual workout plan for all players.
  • If players are in the weight room but are not performing the workout prescribed by the coaching staff, they will not receive the points possible.


Download the complete Exceptional Club details